Horsham sculpture complete

At the end of September, Berkeley Homes’ Horsham Highwood stone was finished. On the sixtieth day session, it was moved by Coussens’ 100 tonne crane from the banks of the Arun to the Square which will form the centre of the developing Highwood Village. For anyone in Sussex, a gathering for the new stone will be taking place at 6pm, Wednesday October 23th (NOTE REVISION) and you can see details hereĀ for where the work is situated should you ever be passing and wish to find it next to the A24. The final work was 6.3 tonnes, with about 1.5t removed … Continue reading Horsham sculpture complete

Torso sculpture – consideration of anatomy and armature

I was approached to run a course on modelling the torso in clay. I try to keep away from armature use wherever possible just because of the freedom it removes from the sculptor. We must remember that modelling from life is just that – training the eyes to see with greater perception, but resulting in studies of the human form, rather than “sculpture”. It is an essential harvesting exercise for the sculptor that feels they draw upon or use the human form in their creative work. Continue reading “Torso sculpture – consideration of anatomy and armature”