6000 years apart

Seven in the morning and the delivery lorry left Pulborough Brooks RSPB Reserve; a first, quiet carving session of 4 hours. I will be trying to work this stone once a week (Saturday mornings if people are passing RH20 2EL) through until January or February 2014. The Woking show has been well received and packs up shortly to go to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The new website archive is up and is viewable from this site by clicking the ‘sculpture’ heading above. In Northumberland recently, I climbed in search of cup and ring markings on the Cheviots, reminders of Neolithic and … Continue reading 6000 years apart

Bovines and gut feelings

We use the term gut feeling as a visceral emotional reaction to something; often one of uneasiness. However this does not originate in the stomach but in the subconscious, which sends a message through the vagus nerve to the stomach. Half of our nerve cells are located within the gut and these are an important factor in our intuition. The gut feeling then travels throughout the nervous system and is experienced by the whole body. I started the Devil’s Punch Bowl stone at Hindhead last week. In the three months of planning for the sculpture, I had agonised over where the block … Continue reading Bovines and gut feelings