A South Downs Year and a sad note

When a sculpture is finished and in a permanent home, it becomes responsible for spreading its own message or that which the observer projects onto it.

After 15 months consideration of the Slindon landscape, I wondered whether this was enough. A raft of stories had emerged through the working process and it is not the job of a sculpture to tell them. The web – repository for the diary throughout the carving process – is also not a good permanent store of information.

So, the journal was transferred and edited into printed format to enable 300 physical copies to exist. You can buy one for £11 posted (paypal link here – please send a ‘friends’ payment and send your address separately via email or through the contact page above) or order it from a local bookshop.


2017 Teaching dates at West Dean: Introduction to sculpture: 20-21 May, Sculpture Summer School: 4-11 August and Portrait Heads in terracotta: 9-11 September


Sad news too of the passing of potter Mary Wondrausch OBE (1923 – 2016), who sat for me in 2010 as part of The Compton Triptych and became a good friend. Old age and the physical process of working with clay led to a happy rediscovery of painting in her later years.

I came across this film made by Paul Whittaker in 2013. One scene captures “On the whole, I always tell the truth, and that is uncomfortable for everyone”, with a wry smile. The film ends recounting Braque’s “with age, art and life become one”, painted on the door leading to her conservatory.

This sums up Brickfields, her home, pottery and garden. The output of her broad and witty creativity.


It is poignant that her latest paintings are exhibited at Watts Contemporary Gallery, Compton, Surrey; 8th January – 19th February 2017.

Seek out her book ‘Brickfields: My Life at Brickfields as a Potter, Painter, Gardener, Writer and Cook’, written in 2004.


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