Update – Autumn 2015

detailI am conscious of less frequent postings to this blog, because of a proliferation of site or project-specific websites which act as publicly visible, permanent filing cabinets. However the main web archive (see here) still forms a good summary for works in progress and the latest publicity. Twitter (see here) is increasingly useful for place-specific works, helping to raise awareness when and where sessions take place.

A commissioned head has just been delivered and there is the exciting prospect – 18 months off – of a new 10 tonne block of limestone being delivered to a development site in Sussex at the very start of housebuilding, to allow engagement with a new community over 18 months. P1030327

The Slindon sculpture with the National Trust is ongoing until at least January, and at day 23 interesting forms are starting to coalesce. Some 1250 people have been involved, picking up a mallet and chisel when passing. (see here for the journal, including some detailed historical analysis of the area)

I am making of a head of Capability Brown for the 2016 Tercentenary, from documentary sources available. The journal for the year can be seen here. A public session with the developing clay is planned on March 6th at NT Uppark, a garden now with much Repton influence but having an earlier Brown plan. I have also decided on a small block of red sandstone which will hopefully become a new sculpture influenced by Brown’s landscapes, contrasting the forensic process of the posthumous head.

Trisantonis, Pulborough; 2014-11, s.The Pulborough sculpture, Trisantonis, still sits at the entrance to RSPB Pulborough Brooks a year after it was finished. You can see all the responses wanting to retain a possible local siting here, and we await advice from Natural England about a suggested site on the bank of the River Arun in the South Downs National Park. There have been several pledges of financial assistance to the siting of the work for which I am very grateful.

A possible new stone to be carved on Lion Green in Haslemere was fully funded but a permanent site was turned down by the Town Council who considered it unwise to grant permission for an un-preconceived sculpture; where councillors couldn’t know what it was to convey. This was sad news for the local community young and old who could have contributed to making another work influenced by people and place, but hopefully times will change. The Haslemere sculpture website still exists here if you want to add comments.

Recent helpful publicity came from Anne Purkiss’s excellent Faces of the South Downs exhibition & book; and a quirky profile in the Garden Design Journal.

I will be in Herefordshire 3-10th October working on a large limewood relief block from one of the trees at Newport House, the setting for the huge Out of Nature sculpture exhibition. Then back to Slindon for sessions on 18th and 24th October.

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Slindon carving: Keith Foskett, 2015
Trisantonis, Wiggonholt: Anne Purkiss, 2015


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