Pulborough debate Public Art

1. Pulborough Parish Council wish to find local thoughts on whether the Trisantonis piece remains in the area permanently, and if so where? Have your say at at a new website here set up to give background on the 15 months of the piece’s development. Your thoughts would be equally appreciated from further afield – please leave a comment.

2. A new stone will be delivered to Slindon on 4th November, and the first planting weekend at the National Trust’s Northwood on 28/29 November will see the carving begin. A ‘community’ is crucial for the block. The collective experience – of the place, the task and the history – will start the flow of imagery and discussion which will blend and bind with my own experience. The plan is that there is no plan – the carving will, like the woodland, grow and emerge. Come and contribute YOUR chisel marks and interpret the forms. Wouldn’t it be great if, four generations hence, thousands of children visit the stone to say ‘my great-great-grandparent helped carve that’… rather than just a sculptor’s own descendants?
Have a look at the Northwood blog here.

3. Haslemere Town Council in Surrey have met to consider a project centred around a community-influenced new stone carving in the town. More information after their next meeting November 20th.


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