On the tradition of pre-conceiving sculpture

This short clip is part of a Documentary film by Anna Thornhill. It features archive footage of sculptor Alan Thornhill working on a sculpture in Putney in 1989 and the resulting work, Exodus,  some 20 years later at Kingscote Park in Gloucestershire. Thornhill’s self-devised method of improvisation using clay allowed him to abandon the use of the sculpture armature and build freely creating a matrix with pre-prepared clay ‘elements’. His concern was to manipulate the material, to find ways of making it stand up or hold together, and through adding and taking away, to see what came. This allowed things to enter the work … Continue reading On the tradition of pre-conceiving sculpture

Oscar Nemon – Frink School link

  Another historical link to the The Frink School of Sculpture is the sculptor Oscar Nemon.  Rosemary Barnett, Frink School Founder and Director, was once apprentice to Nemon. The website is worthy of a look, and Oscar Nemon’s daughter Aurelia Young regularly lectures on her father’s life and work. There is a forthcoming talk in Hampshire on 23rd June 2011 – or see http://www.oscarnemon.org.uk for other announcements.  A seated statue of Sigmund Freud by Oscar Nemon is now in a prominent position on Fitzjohn’s Avenue, London. Nemon’s bronzes of Sir Winston Churchill are now to be found in Bletchley Park, Chartwell, Churchill … Continue reading Oscar Nemon – Frink School link

New film – Spirit in Mass: Alan Thornhill

SPIRIT IN MASS: Journey into Sculpture is a 40 minute documentary which charts Alan Thornhill’s unconventional journey into sculpture. Discovering himself to be by nature an improviser yet committed to the time-honoured language and sensuous values of sculpture, he devised a way of working which embraced spontaneity and the unforeseen. This approach has inspired sculpture students and produced a body of challenging work drawn, in part unconsciously, from personal and shared concerns of the late 20th century. Alan Thornhill was a founder trustee and teacher at the Frink School of Sculpture. The film includes footage of a Frink School sculptors’ re-union … Continue reading New film – Spirit in Mass: Alan Thornhill